Wellness Coaching

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Icon of an exclamation pointWe highly encourage you to log in to the Ulliance Life Advisor Well-being portal prior to your first Wellness Coaching session and complete the Health Assessment. This assessment will help you gain a better understanding of your current health status and can be utilized to create a plan with your Wellness Coach. 

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Ulliance Wellness Coaches are experienced in helping others change behavior to achieve a healthier lifestyle.   They are highly trained professionals with advanced degrees in the behavioral sciences and health-related fields.  They also have training in the wellness arena.  This training includes:

  • Developing wellness action plans
  • Working knowledge of The Readiness for Change coaching model
  • Developing strategies for overcoming obstacles to adopting a healthier lifestyle
  • Understanding the various types of biometric screening results
  • Identifying motivators to healthy lifestyles
  • Knowledge and interpretation of your Health Assessment results

Ulliance Wellness Coaches use an approach based on a Wellness Client's readiness for change. Their primary focus is to help you understand your risk factors and to assist you in developing and achieving your wellness vision, goals and action plan. The action plan and goals established by a client may be related to addressing any of the following health concerns: lack of physical activity, developing healthier nutritional habits, weight management, stress management, work-life balance/lifestyle issues, wanting to quit smoking and more.

Ulliance Wellness Coaching Sessions are comprised of two types:

1. Initial Coaching Session- Review and assessment  up to 60 minutes

  • Review your wellness information (Health Assessment)
  • Determine your stage of Readiness for Change (pre-contemplation, contemplation, preparation, action, maintenance)
  • Identify motivators, obstacles, and strategies
  • Develop wellness vision and goals
  • Establish progress indicators

2. Ongoing Coaching Sessions  up to 30 minutes

  • Review progress toward vision and goals
  • Identify obstacles
  • Develop strategies around obstacles
  • Provide support to participants for achieving wellness goals
  • Develop long-term and health maintenance strategies

To schedule your Ulliance Wellness Coaching sessions, review your Health Assessment results or to talk about any personal issues or concerns, call Ulliance at 888-699-3554.

Icon of an exclamation pointPlease note: Rewards associated with Wellness Coaching are given to employees that meet the Rewards eligibility rules listed here. If your employment with the university is reduced to a non-medical-benefits-eligible position or ends, you are no longer eligible to participate in the Wellness Warriors program.