Earn Rewards

Celebrate your participation, healthy choices and successes with our rewards program! Earn up to $225 in Amazon e-gift cards and up to 25 Drawing Chances for great prizes throughout the year by participating in the following wellness activites:

Rewards explanation

Deadline to earn 2023 rewards: December 8, 2023.

Health Assessment Reward:

Complete the online Health Assessment in the well-being portal and earn a $25 Amazon e-gift card and 4 Program Services. You will earn the reward in the portal once the Health Assessment has been completed and verified.  

You may split your 4 Program Services (Example: 3 Nutrition Consultations and 1 Personal Training session, or 2 Nutrition Consultations  and 2 Personal Training sessions).

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Wellness Coaching Reward: 

Earn a $75 Amazon e-gift card for completing at least 4 Wellness Coaching calls throughout the year. You will earn the reward in the well-being portal once all 4 of your Wellness Coaching calls have been completed and verified. 

You can talk with your Wellness Coach as often as you'd like, however, there is a one call per-month limit in regards to earning the reward (Example: You may have a Wellness Coaching call in May, July, August and October and earn the reward. However, if you only have calls within the month of November you will not earn the reward).

To schedule Wellness Coaching, call Ulliance at 888-699-3554

5 to Thrive Rewards: 

5 to Thrive is a program built into the well-being portal, designed to motivate and empower you to adopt healthy behaviors. 5 to Thrive focuses on 5 areas of well-being: 

5 to Thrive Icons

Complete 5 out of 7 healthy actions in one of the well-being areas to earn a $25 Amazon e-gift card and green leaf badge. There are 5 areas of well-being you can complete for a total of $125 in Amazon e-gift cards. You will earn a $25 reward in the portal once each well-being area has been completed and verified. 

Click here to learn more about 5 to Thrive

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5 to Thrive Quarterly Prize Drawings:

In addition to the rewards above that you can earn, we thought it'd be fun to keep the momentum going with prize drawings - a little competition is a healthy motivator! Each drawing will have ten (10) winners of a $250 Amazon e-gift card! Drawings will be held in April, July, October and December. The more 5 to Thrive healthy areas you complete ("complete" means 5 out of 7 items), the more chances you will earn:

  • Complete 1 well-being area = 1 chance
  • Complete 2 well-being areas = 5 chances
  • Complete 3 well-being areas = 10 chances
  • Complete 4 well-being areas = 15 chances
  • Complete 5 well-being areas = 25 chances (maximum) 

There are a few rules:

  1. You can only win one prize per year - but that doesn't mean you should stop participating in 5 to Thrive! Keep up the good work!
  2. You must have earned your chances by the following deadlines to be in the prize drawing(s):
    • April drawing: March 31, 2023
    • July drawing: June 30, 2023
    • October drawing: September 30, 2023
    • December drawing: December 8, 2023
  3. If you don't win, you're still in! If you don't win a quarterly prize, your earned chances roll over to the next quarterly drawing! Example: If by June 30 you completed 2 well-being areas, you have earned 5 chances into the July drawing. If you do not win in July, those 5 chances carry over to the October drawing. If by September 30 you completed 2 more well-being areas (4 areas total for the year so far), you have 15 chances into the October drawing.
  4. If you win: you will earn a $250 reward in the portal and Wellness Warriors administration will contact you via e-mail. 

Rewards and Prizes Rules:

Window to earn 2023 rewards: January 1 - December 8, 2023. Previous years' activities do not roll over nor count towards 2023 rewards. 


In general, IRS regulations consider anything of value provided to an employee by an employer to be a form of compensation.  All compensation must be reported as taxable wages and is subject to income tax withholding, unless specifically excluded by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). On a monthly basis, any earned gift card amounts will be applied to paychecks and subject to taxation. 

Employee Status

You must be a current WSU employee to receive a reward in the well-being portal. Once terminated from the university you will no longer have access to the portal and will be unable to receive/access rewards.