Frequently Asked Questions

Below are our most frequently asked questions regarding the Wellness Warriors Program. If your question is not listed below, feel free to submit it via e-mail to

  • Who Can Participate?

    Q: Who can participate? Is it free?

    We've eliminated the enrollment process and have granted eligible employees access to all of WSU's employee wellness programming. All active medical-benefit-eligible employees are now able to participate in Wellness Warriors! The program has no cost. The following employee groups are not eligible: stipend recipients, student assistants, temporary employees, technicians, hourly employees, employees with less than 50% full-time status, part-time faculty, skilled trades, retirees, and terminated employees..

    Q: Can I participate if I have "cash in-lieu" of medical insurance? 

    Yes. All medical-benefits-eligible WSU employees are "Wellness Warriors", even if they elect "cash in-lieu" or have otherwise opted out of WSU medical plans. 

    Q: I'm a new employee -or- I just decided that I want to sign up now. Can I join?

    There is no enrollment process! You can take advantage of any aspect of the program at any time. A good place to start is by logging into the Life Advisor Well-being portal and doing your Health Assessment. Wellness Coaching is also a great next step. 

  • What services do I receive?

    Q: What program services do eligible employees receive?

    Eligible employees receive many no-cost program services. In fact, the entire program is free! Services marked with an asterisk (*) must be "earned" by first completing the Health Assessment by logging into the Life Advisor Well-being portal. Learn more about earning these services at Rewards. Program Services include:

    • Health Assessment
    • Unlimited Wellness Coaching
    • 5 to Thrive
    • Life Advisor Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
    • Guided medidation sessions
    • Walking Club
    • *Condition Management - Must earn by completing Health Assessment 
    • *Nutrition Consultations - Must earn by completing Health Assessment
    • *Fitness Assessment - Must earn by completing Health Assessment. Does not count against your 4 free Program Services.
    • *Personal Training Sessions - Must earn by completing Health Assessment
    • Retirement Plan Consultations
    • Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center Discount
    • Rewards Click here to learn about earning rewards.
    • Educational seminars and events every month! Click here to view our calendar of events.

    Learn more about Program Services

    Q: How do I schedule my program services or register for a Wellness Warriors event?

    Q: Who are the vendors that WSU is working with?

    We have four vendors: 

    • Ulliance: provides our Life Advisor Well-being portal, Health Assessment, unlimited telephonic Wellness Coaching and our Employee Assistance Program. Ulliance provides seminars and other helpful resources for participants as well!
    • Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center: provides Fitness Assessments, Personal Training and fitness classes to Wellness Warrior program participants! 
    • Campus Health Center: provides health screenings, seminars, Condition Management, and other vital services for Wellness Warriors. Services with the Campus Health Center are currently unavailable. 
    • Strategic Wellness, LLC: provides Nurition Consultations and seminars. 

    We know our partners' commitment to excellence and to your wellness and are excited to have them on our team. 

  • How do I earn rewards?

    Q: What do I get for participating? What are the rewards?

    On top of all of the program services you'll receive, each time you hit a program milestone, you will receive a reward in your Life Advisor Well-being portal. Earn up to $225 in Amazon e-gift cards and up to 25 Drawing Chances for great prizes throughout the year by participating in wellness activites. Visit the Rewards page for more information. **Please note, in order to earn the emotional wellness rewards this year in 2024, you must complete the 30-day challenge activity for that category.**

    Q: I think I earned a reward - when and where will I receive it?

    Rewards are earned as you hit program milestones. You will receive the reward right in your Life Advisor Well-being portal after it has been completed and verified. Visit the Rewards page for more information. **Please note, in order to earn the emotional wellness rewards this year in 2024, you must complete the 30-day challenge activity for that category.**

    Q: I didn't win a prize from the quarterly 5 to Thrive drawing! Can I win next time?

    If you don't win you're still in! The more well-being areas you complete (there are 5 total), the more entries you will earn! You can only win one prize per year. Drawings will be held in July, October and December. You must have earned your entries by the end of the prior month to be in the quarterly drawing. If you don't win a quarterly prize, your earned entries roll over to the next quarterly drawing! Example: If by June 30 you completed 2 well-being areas, you have earned 5 chances into the July drawing. If you do not win in July, those 5 chances carry over to the October drawing. If by September 30 you completed 2 more well-being areas (4 areas total for the year so far), you have 15 chances into the October drawing. Visit the Rewards page for more information.

    Q: Are rewards and prizes considered income? Are they taxable?

    In general, IRS regulations consider anything of value provided to an employee by an employer to be a form of compensation.  All compensation must be reported as taxable wages and is subject to income tax withholding, unless specifically excluded by the Internal Revenue Code (IRC). On a monthly basis, any earned gift card amounts will be applied to paychecks and subject to taxation.

    Q: I'm a Canadian resident - will I receive a U.S. or Canadian Amazon e-gift card?

    All rewards issued are U.S. Amazon e-gift cards since we are a U.S. employer and they are considered taxable income (see above). 

  • Do I get to use the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center for free?

    Q: Do I get to use the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center for free?

    For any Wellness Warriors-specific programming such as Wellness Warrior fitness classes, personal training or a fitness assessment, you will be able to enter the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center at no charge. Wellness Warriors are not required to have a membership for these services.

    If you want to work out on a regular basis, however, you will need to purchase an employee membership to the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center. Free access is provided to confirmed Wellness Warriors participants for Wellness Warrior programs or activities only. Note: 9- and 12-month Graduate Student Assistant participants do have student access to the fitness center as part of their tuition and fees.

    Q: Do I have to buy a Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center membership to participate in Wellness Warriors?

    No, you do not have to buy a Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center membership to participate in our program. However, you can only use the Mort Harris Recreation & Fitness Center for free for Wellness Warriors events or the program services Wellness Warriors receive (see question above).

  • What other wellness resources does WSU offer?

    Covid-19 Info

    As classes and work continues into the winter season, safety remains our top priority. Learning, working and living on campus look different than they did in the past, but Wayne State University remains committed to its mission. Students still receive a premier education from Wayne State and have numerous opportunities to maintain vital social connections with their fellow Warriors even when physically distant. This site serves as a guide to help you navigate campus safely.

    Mother's Rooms

    Wayne State University recognizes the importance of supporting nursing mothers by providing space to breastfeed and/or express milk for faculty and staff. Private and clean areas with outlets have been designated on campus as "Lactation Support Rooms". Employees can use these rooms for milk expression during work hours.

    Flu Shots

    With flu season approaching, it's even more important to take care of yourself. As a Wayne State employee, you interact with many people across campus throughout the day. Immunizations help protect both you and those around you by preventing the spread of disease. 

    Getting vaccinated against the flu is in accordance with the recommendations of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and is for the health and safety of you, family members, colleagues, and students. 

    Wayne State University requires that all faculty, staff and enrolled students who plan to be on campus receive a flu shot.

    Campus Safety

    The most effective way to stay safe on and off campus is to be prepared and properly informed. The WSUPD empowers the Wayne State community to stay aware of their surroundings, alert to any threats and equipped to respond when necessary. Our campus is one of the 50 safest in the United States, an accomplishment largely due to an informed and aware community.