Virtual Wellness

Enhance your well-being with useful web-based wellness tools, programs, and resources on various topics. Click on any of the links below to start your virtual wellness tour.

We've created a helpful Wellness Checklist! Keep tabs on your daily habits to help make small changes!
Want to get off the couch? Heard of couch to 5K?  We recommend the free C25K 5K Trainer app for your Android device or iPhone 
Jump Start Daily Dozen  Featured videos with Sherry McLaughlin
Finanical Wellness Webinars and Tools brought to by WSU's retirement savings plan carriers TIAA and Fidelity:

Fidelity: Plan for Life Live Web Workshops:

TIAA: To access the TIAA Live Webinar Lounge, visit

Both retirement savings plan carriers are on campus and can talk with you individually. To schedule:

TIAA: Website or 1-800-732-8353 
Fidelity: Website or 1-800-642-7131

To complete an online wellness event: Login to  Academica
In Academica, under WSU RESOURCES, select Employee Resources, then Other Resources, then click Accelerate - Employee Development Tools.

In Accelerate, click Browse The Catalog, then click Well-being.