The Wellness Warriors program is designed to help faculty and staff achieve their health goals.  Who better to let you know about the program than the very co-workers that you work with each day?  We believe in sharing in the success of all Wellness Warriors, celebrating them and getting inspiration for our own healthy choices.  Below you will find actual letters about the program, received from participating Wellness Warriors.

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"Wellness Warriors is a great program, it seems like the no pressure counseling method is working for me. I have lost weight that I never could before. Please keep this program going."

Georgia Cox

"Wellness Warriors has given me the inspiration and information to improve my health. My Wellness Coach, Carol Hollens, inspired me to get my nutrition consult, my fitness assessment, and to find ways to move that I truly enjoyed. Deb Cavender gave me tips to make some simple changes to my diet for better outcomes with my thyroid condition.  It's only been 4 months since I joined, but I'm walking 10,000 steps daily, have lost 15 pounds so far, and my blood pressure is closer to normal. Thank you, Wellness Warriors, for holding me accountable for committing to my best self!"

Carol Hill
Senior Major Gift Officer, Development & Alumni Affairs

"The Wellness program here at WSU has definitely help me improve my health in the past year. Since I began using the program I have participated in the Lose Weight with Tina program and am now down 30 pounds from about a year ago. I've also taken advantage of the physical training sessions and medication therapy management. The Wellness program has helped keep diet in exercise in the forefront of my mind and helped drop down a risk factor level in my health in the past year. I am looking forward to better health and wellness in the future."

Lawrence Rivett, MSA
Accountant-I, Sponsored Program Administration

"I have been a Wellness Warrior for a few years.  Not only do I receive a monetary bonus for being a participant – I also receive a many healthy bonuses.  I think it is great that my husband and I can get a flu shot during the work day.  The one on one programs and the seminars are really boosting.

Besides a delivered to the door flu shot, University Pharmacy has helped me with my sugar, my blood pressure, my cholesterol and currently still helps me with my over all medicine management.  If the diabetes program and hyper tension programs were offered again – I would be the first to sign up. 

Deb Cavender's one on ones are also an excellent resource and I always come away with new knowledge when I attend one of her seminars.

While I realize things have to change, I will also add that I did like the collecting of the points to redeem for goodies.  It just gives you that extra little boost to go out there and do something."

Kimberly Tomaszewski 
Procurement & Strategic Sourcing

"This is a brief note to "thank you" for the Wellness Warrior Programs.  I have benefited greatly with the Weight Loss with Tina program.  Tina provides exciting tips, tricks, and information on how to lose and/or maintain one's weight.  She motivates us while promoting realistic ways to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  I especially appreciate the weekly weigh in so I can track my weight loss.  Although some weeks are better the others, I always learn something new from attending one of Tina's sessions.  She's amazing!  😊 

I'm not a big water drinker, but I've learned how important it is to my well-being, so I now drink a lot of water.  I also try to eat more fruits and vegetables, incorporate "healthy" oils, and even try to snack healthy.  You are what you eat so track it.  All in all it's a wonderful program for WSU employees."

Lorry A. Sabo, ECoP® (EAR-ITAR)
Manager, Export Control & Regulatory Compliance