Risk Levels

Our partners, University Pharmacy and Ulliance, work together to combine your enrollment Biometric Health Screening data and your online Health Risk Assessment data and compute your risk level.

Human Resources and the Wellness Warriors Program Administration DOES NOT RECEIVE your health information nor your risk level. You are protected by HIPAA, the laws governing personal health information.

Low Risk: 0-2 Risks
Moderate Risk: 3-4 Risks
High Risk: 5+


Each of the following risks are considered when calculating your Risk Level:

Alcohol More than 14 drinks per week.
Blood Pressure Systolic greater than 139 mmHg or diastolic greater than 89 mmHg or self-report have high or currently on blood pressure medication or under medical care
Body Weight          Body Mass Index (BMI) equal or greater than 27.5
Total Cholesterol Greater than 239 mg/dL
Existing Medical Conditions Self-Reported Heart Problems, Cancer, Diabetes, Past Stroke, Chronic Bronchitis/Emphysema
Health Age Index This index compares the appraised and the achievable age of a participant.  The appraised age is a derived age corresponding to a person’s health risk.  The achievable age is a derived age calculated by modifying all controllable health risks.  If the difference between the appraised age and the achievable age is greater than 4, the person is high risk for a future adverse event.
Illness Days More than 5 in the past year
Job Satisfaction Disagree or strongly disagree
Life Satisfaction Partly or not satisfied
Medication/Drug for Relaxation Almost every day or sometimes
Perceived Health Fair or poor
Physical Activity Less than one time per week
Safety Belt Use Less than 100 percent
Smoking Current cigarette smoker
Stress S-scale score greater than 18 (based on a composite score from answers to marital status, personal loss, life satisfaction, perception of health, hours of sleep, social ties)

*Please note: All of your health information, including your enrollment Biometric Health Screening results and online Health Risk Assessment (HRA) data, is confidential. It will never get back to Human Resources, your insurance or your supervisor. WSU Human Resources receives aggregate data, meaning data that summarizes WSU as a whole, not with individual results.  Your health data is held in compliance with HIPAA, the laws governing personal health information. If your employment with the university ends, you are no longer able to participate in the Wellness Warriors program.