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Know Your Numbers...... Blood Pressure - Cholesterol - Blood Sugar

Lifestyle Medicine: More Life Less Medicine


Importance of Sleep

Aging Well

Asthma and Allergies


Program Intro

Sun Salutations Marathon

Injury Prevention-Back Strengthening

Machine Gal vs Free Weight Guy

American Heart Assoc. KickOff

Self Care

Snack Galore

Preparation is Key

Mid Section Magic

Preventing CVD

Perfect Proteins

Busy Life Happy Body

Flexibility 101

Breast Cancer Awareness

Fit Ball


Get that Heart Pumping

Lower Extremity Edema

More Than Just Abs

Don't Lose Your Balance


Breakfast IS Important!

Know Your Numbers: Goal Setting

Don't Eat Meat? Meatless Meals

Heavy Metals and Your Health


Rudolph Workout

Healthy Eating for the Holidays - Coming Soon!

Cardio @ Home

Holiday Stress - Coming Soon!

Running Fit

Bands, Balls & Bars O My!


Train & Stretch

Financial Planning 101


MyPlate Dinners

International Cooking

What Is Eating You?


Yoga Philosophies

Wedding Dance Workout

Meatless Main Dishes

Importance of Eating Breakfast

Warrior Fitness Trail

Find Your Balance

Know Your Numbers: Get Screened Day! Results Sheet

Nutrition 101 for Diabetics

Healthy Fast Food Options

Zonya Foco: Conviction vs Convenience

Cardiovascular Training

Fitness Fact or Fiction

Stress Management

Fit Ball


Food Allergies

Setting Goals and Staying Motivated

BP Medications

Financial Fitness

Back Care

Smart Snacking

2011 Program Overview

Budget Wise Pre Work

Less Your Stress

Functional Fitness

Free Weights Vs. Machines

 Know Your Numbers

Obesity, Diabetes and the Fat Complexer Invented at WSU


Know Your Numbers

Allergies: A to Z

Holistic Therapies

Aging Well

Eating Right for the Holidays

Microwave Workouts

Kid's Health

Revive Book

Revive! Handouts

Keys to Exercise Success

Antibiotics and You

Wellness for the Busy Professional

Meditation Techniques

Super Market Spree

 Move WELL Pain FREE

 Workplace Ergonomics

 Weight Loss Tips

 Carbohydrate Counting

 Hormones: Effects on your past, present and future

 Raw Foods

Less Your Stress

Cardio Blaster

Understanding Cholesterol

Weight Training for Women

Women's Pelvic Floor Health

Men's Pelvic Floor Health

Metabolic Diseases

Rx 101

Safety in the Sun

Golf Pre-Game Stretch Handout

Understanding Your Blood Pressure

Going Smoke Free

Diabetes Fundamentals

Healthy Living Strategies

 FOOD - A Pillar to Health

 The Importance of Sleep


Chef Paul's Healthy Holiday Cooking Demo, December 2009

Surviving the Holidays: Nutrition Tips

Weight Management Basics, September 2009

Keys to Exercise Success, August 2009

Sun Safety, July 2009

Wellness Fair Recipes, March 2009