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Wellness Warriors receive many included services as part of enrollment into the program. Starting in January of each year, enrolled participants are free to take part in our Wellness Warrior events, and the following included services, based on risk level, offered by WSU's very own Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center, the Campus Health Center, Ulliance and Strategic Wellness:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

 2020 Services (Call Ulliance at 888-699-3554 for your risk level)

Risk Level

Wellness Coaching

EAP Fitness Assessment Nutrition Consultation Personal Training

Condition Management

MHRFC Membership Discount 


(0-2 Risks)

Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free

2 Free Sessions

2 Free Sessions


12 months for $120. New first-time memberships only. 



(3-4 Risks)


Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free

3 Free Sessions

3 Free Sessions



(5+ Risks)


Unlimited Unlimited 1 Free

4 Free Sessions 

4 Free Sessions


Click here to schedule any of the services listed above.

Service Descriptions

FREE diagnostic hearing testing available to all WSU employees 

The diagnostic testing is completely painless and includes the following: 

  • Audiological case history
  • Otoscope examination
  • Middle ear testing (includes assessment of eardrum mobility and acoustic reflexes)
  • Speech reception threshold
  • Air and bone conduction pure tone testing
  • Word recognition testing
  • Additional testing, if warranted                           

Schedule an appointment today! Please call the WSU Audiology clinic at 313-577-0631

Wellness Coaching

Wellness Coaches provided by Ulliance are experienced in helping others change behavior to achieve a healthier lifestyle.   They are highly trained professionals with degrees in the behavioral sciences and health related fields. They also have additional training in the wellness arena.  This training includes:

  • Developing wellness action plans
  • Working knowledge of The Readiness for Change coaching model
  • Developing strategies for overcoming obstacles to adapting a healthier lifestyle
  • Understanding the various types of biometric screening results
  • Identifying motivators to healthy lifestyles
  • Knowledge of Health Risk Assessments
  • Click here for more Wellness Coaching info!

 To schedule Wellness Coaching and learn your risk level, call Ulliance at 888-699-3554.

Employee Assistance Program

The Life Advisor Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an emotional wellness benefit provided by Wayne State University to you and eligible members of your family through Ulliance. You, your spouse or live-in partner, as well as dependents under the age of 26 can access a variety of work-life resources through the EAP. All services are completely free to you and strictly confidential.

The Ulliance Life Advisor EAP can help you with a variety of issues:

  • financial or legal issues
  • balancing work and family resources
  • relationship and family concerns
  • resources for caring for aging parents
  • child or adult care issues
  • alcohol and/or drug abuse education and resources
  • grief and loss
  • depression and anxiety
  • stress
  • personal growth and development resources
  • Summary of Services (downloadable PDF)

You can contact the Life Advisor EAP 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, by simply calling one toll-free number: 1-800-448-8326

Click here for the Life Advisor Resource Center. Enter "Wayne State" as your employer and "Detroit" as the City of Employment. 

The EAP also offers free webinars on a variety of topics! Click here to learn more and join some webinars!

Fitness Assessment

This service is rendered at the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center and takes place before any personal training program starts. A fitness assessment is an individualized health/fitness appraisal of your current health & fitness status through a variety of physical fitness tests. The purpose of the fitness assessment is to help the MHRFC personal training staff prepare an individualized workout during your personal training sessions. Each assessment includes a review of your current health history and measurements of:

  • resting blood pressure
  • height/weight
  • body composition (body fat %)
  • cardio respiratory endurance (aerobic fitness)
  • upper body strength
  • abdominal strength
  • trunk flexibility

To schedule a Fitness Assessment, complete the online interest form at Please be sure to check the Wellness Warrior box.

Personal Training 

This service is rendered at the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center (MHRFC). An experienced certified personal trainer is a key part to the formula of success for a workout. A MHRFC certified personal trainer will design a client-specific program for you and educate you on proper exercise form to increase the effectiveness of your workout. A personal trainer increases your level of motivation and accountability for your workout.

The number of eligible services is based on your risk level. 

To schedule a Personal Training session, complete the online interest form at Please be sure to check the Wellness Warrior box.

Nutrition Consultation 

Chronic disease is food and lifestyle-driven, and an environment and genetics-influenced phenomenon. Functional Medicine Nutrition is an approach that directly addresses the underlying causes of disease. Set up a one-on-one Nutrition Consultation with Debbie Cavender, RDN from Strategic Wellness to review your health goals and design your own personal health plan. During your session you will learn that science validates the following: 

  • many medical problems can be treated by appropriate lifestyle and nutritional changes
  • there may be other alternatives to medications and surgery
  • and, probably most important, asking key questions and reviewing options with your healthcare practitioner will give you better health outcomes

The number of eligible services is based on your risk level. 

Click here to schedule a Nutrition Consultation. Appointments are listed in Training, Seminars and Workshops (TSW) on Academica.

"Via Phone" is an option to let you talk with Debbie in private over the phone. Please email with the phone number you'd like Debbie to call you at.

**PLEASE NOTE: If you are unable to attend your scheduled session, you MUST un-register via TSW system within 24 hours or else 1 session will be forfeited from your free Wellness Warrior sessions based on risk level.

Condition Management

Coming soon!

Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center Membership Discount

$120 for one year ($5 per pay for 12 month employees; $8.77 per pay for 9 month employees)! To take advantage of this discount you must be a first time member to the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center. If you were a previous member you are not eligible for the discount. To sign up for the 12-month membership with first time members only discount fill out the "New Membership Application" at the Mort Harris RFC front desk. You may pay for your 12-month membership in full or use payroll deduct. This discount applies to spouses as well, but you may not use the payroll deduct option for your spouse. Click here to learn more about MHRFC memberships.

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