2020 enrollment begins October 21, 2019! You need to complete enrollment every year, even if you joined towards the end of the 2019 program.

For the 2019 program: the last day to complete the biometric health screening or submit the PQF AND complete the HRA is September 6, 2019.

For joining 2019 program:

STEP 1: Email wellness@wayne.edu requesting to join. After the response from wellness@wayne.edu, complete the following:

STEP 2: Register for a biometric health screening, which includes a lipid panel and a glucose test. Fasting is optimal, but non-fasting is also allowed. Days and times are limited so register early!  This appointment will take approximately 15-20 minutes. Make sure you drink plenty of water prior to your appointment and take any regular medications. If you are NOT fasting for the appointment, the number that may be most affected is your triglyceride level. That is the fats in the blood from the foods we eat. Fasting is best if nothing has been eaten for 10 hours. 

Click here to make an appointment

  • Please bring your One Card to your screening appointment. 
  • All forms will be filled out on site.

Questions about your appointment:
Campus Health Center
Phone: 313-577-5041
Email: campushealth@wayne.edu

OR IN PLACE OF STEP 2: Did you visit your doctor after January 1, 2019 for an annual physical? As an alternative to the onsite health screening, you may use the results from that physical. Submit the Provider Qualification Form (PQF) to bypass the on-site health screening. Click here for the PQF form. DO NOT submit this form to WSU Human Resources!

STEP 3: AFTER your biometric health screening, go online and complete the Health Risk Assessment (HRA). Use this link to access the HRA http://wsu.lifeadvisorwellness.com  Once you are on this page, follow the instructions for Step 2 Complete a Health Risk Assessment.

  • Use this link to access the HRA: http://wsu.lifeadvisorwellness.com. Once you are on this page, login with your username which is your WSU Banner ID.
  • Please fill out your Health Risk Assessment and follow the instructions.
  • Your initial password is Wellness@WSU which you will be required to change on first login.
  • Once you are logged into the site, you will find the HRA in the My Assessments section to complete your 2019 WSU HRA.
  •  Please use your health screening or PQF results to complete the HRA.
  • Once you've completed all the questions please make sure you click to submit your completed HRA.
  • You can log back in anytime to review your HRA report.
  • Trouble with the HRA login?  Call Ulliance: 1-888-699-3554 or email wsu@ulliance.com

It is that simple! We encourage you to join other healthy Wayne State University employees to become Warrior Strong!

Please note: "Subsidized benefits-eligible WSU employees" excludes: stipend recipients, student assistants, temporary employees, hourly employees, employees with less than 50% full-time status, part-time employees, retirees or those that have been terminated from the university.