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Wayne State University supports employees like you in making healthy lifestyle choices by creating a culture of wellness on campus.  The Wellness Warriors Program is a FREE benefit for eligible WSU employees with the purpose to improve your quality of life and health status. The program provides educational programs, services, and tools that assists in reaching your wellness goals.

How to Enroll in 2017 Program: 

STEP 1: Send an email to wellness@wayne.edu letting us know that you want to become a 2017 Wellness Warrior.  You will be contacted and given the steps needed to become a Wellness Warrior.

STEP 2: Once you are added to the system and before attending your Biometric Screening Appointment, follow the instructions to complete your Health Risk Assessment (HRA),

  • Go to http://wsu.lifeadvisorwellness.com

  • Review the log-in instructions (username=banner ID and enter password) then click on the take your HRA link which take you to the Ullliance portal.

  •  Scroll down to the bottom and then click the 2016/2017 HRA tile which will load the HRA for them and then you can begin.

  • You can log back in anytime to review your HRA report.

STEP 3: Attend your enrollment health screening appointment! Don't forget to fast! Bring TWO copies (one for you and one for the pharmacy team) of this consent form: http://wellness.wayne.edu/pdfs/enrollment-consent-form.pdf

You're enrolled when: you complete your HRA and attend your scheduled enrollment health screening appointment.

 Email wellness@wayne.edu for help with logging on and/or gaining access to the HRA.

Please note: “Subsidized benefits-eligible WSU employees” excludes: stipend recipients, student assistants, temporary employees, hourly employees, employees with less than 50% full time status, part-time employees, retirees or those that have been terminated from the university.