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The Wellness Warriors Program is FREE for subsidized benefit-eligible WSU employees and is designed to offer each participant tools and resources to create a personalized wellness plan. The program offers support, education and excitement to keep you focused on personal wellbeing! Click here for the 2015 Wellness Warrior Program Overview.

How to Enroll:

STEP 1: Email wellness@wayne.edu to start the enrollment process and find out if you're eligible to join. 

STEP 2: Call University Pharmacy at 313-831-2008 for a Biometric Health Screening Appointment.

PLEASE COMPLETE TWO (2) CONSENT FORMS AND BRING TO YOUR APPOINTMENT ALONG WITH YOUR ONE CARD. Consent forms found here: http://wellness.wayne.edu/pdfs/2015_health_screening_consent_form.pdf

STEP 3: Complete the online Health Risk Appraisal (HRA) after your Biometric Health Screening (BHS) Appointment. In order to fully complete the HRA you will need the results from your BHS appointment.  To complete your HRA follow this link: http://www.welliance.com/wsu/wsu_services.htm. *Please note: If you have trouble logging into the HRA it may be because you do not yet have access. Email wellness@wayne.edu for help with logging on and/or gaining access to the HRA.

STEP 4: Everyone who completes both enrollment steps will be notified and welcomed to the 2015 program.

Please note: “Subsidized benefits-eligible WSU employees” excludes: stipend recipients, student assistants, temporary employees, hourly employees, employees with less than 50% full time status, part-time employees, retirees or those that have been terminated from the university.

For 2015...

The Wellness Warriors Program offers:

  • An  extra $75 in your paycheck for joining the program (paid when program starts, early 2015)
  • Up to an additional $175 in incentives throughout the year
  • Free telephonic wellness coaching with Ulliance Wellness Coaches
  • Free fitness services at the Mort Harris Recreation and Fitness Center
  • Free health services at University Pharmacy
  • Free nutritional consult with our Wellness Warriors nutritionists, Debra Cavender
  • A full calendar of educational and fitness events to attend each month
  • Competitions, prizes and more…
  • Click here for the program overview

2015 Program Enrollment Deadlines:

If you enroll:

  • During our enrollment period (held October 28-December 12), to start the program the following January 1, you have all Wellness Warrior services and programming available to you from February 1 - December 31, 2015. Free events will be hosted during the month of January. You are eligible for all four 2015 incentives: 1) Enrollment, 2) Mid-Year, 3) End of Year, and 4) Health Maintenance pending you your compliance to the rules associated with each incentive: Please see here for more incentive details
  • Between April 30, 2015 and September 15, 2015, you have all Wellness Warrior services and programming available to you. If you are a new hire and join within 30 days of your first day of employment you are still eligible for the enrollment incentive of $75.00. If you do not join before the end of your first 30 days of employment you are not eligible for the enrollment incentive. Also, any employee that joins after May 1st is not eligible for the 2015 Mid-Year Incentive of $50. You are eligible for the End of Year Incentive of $50 and the 2015 Health Maintenance Incentive of $75.00. For both the 2015 End of Year and Health Maintenance Incentive you would only need to complete the rules associated with this incentive. Please see here for more incentive details

Please note: To enroll as a late entrant Wellness Warrior participant during the 2015 program year you must complete both the HRA and Biometric Screening piror to October 1st. Incentives and services and services are limited.

Joining us in the Wellness Warriors program will contribute to the development of a culture of wellness here at the university, and we value your participation. Click here for more program information.

*Please note: Your enrollment Biometric Health Screening and HRA data is confidential. It will never get back to Human Resources, your insurance or your supervisor. WSU Human Resources receives aggregate data, meaning data that summarizes WSU as a whole, not with individual results.  Your health data is held in compliance with HIPAA, the laws governing personal health information. If your employment with the university ends, you are no longer able to participate in the Wellness Warriors program.